Westminster Healthy Streets

Our vision

We want safe, healthy, active streets for everyone to enjoy! Streets where:

  • The air is clean
  • Walking or cycling is the natural choice for short journeys
  • Families can travel to school without cars
  • Neighbourhood streets allow neighbours to gather and children to play
  • No one is injured or killed.

Our asks

To create healthy streets, we urgently need to reduce motor traffic. We call on Westminster City Council and Transport for London to:

  1. Create a network of safe, direct walking and cycling routes across our borough
  2. Transform multi-lane highways into healthy streets that prioritise walking, cycling and public transport
  3. Remove through traffic from all residential areas to create low traffic neighbourhoods
  4. Make school streets traffic-free at school run hours
  5. Repurpose car parking spaces for seating, greenery and bike parking.